Sonntag, 5. April 2015

Find the Rails easter egg!

Great software comes with an easter egg.
Beginning with the mozilla firefox, typing about:robots:
into the address bar sends warm greetings.
The bash people on the other hand like to moo their cows around:
apt-get moo
and way more fun:
cowsay -p -f head-in Aaargh
The greatest editor (VIM) on earth helps to find the meaning of life by typing:
:help 42
Google is well known for easter eggs like their Google search (try to search anything).
Google Streetview also hides funny easter eggs. For example in the boondocks of the southpole you can see some nice pingings. And pingings are awesome.
But what about Ruby on Rails? It is great for sure, but where is their easter egg?
You can find it by typing:
into the rails console.
It is in Array and also in ActiveRecord::FinderMethods

Supported by Ruby 2.1.1 and Ruby on Rails 4.1.8